Frequently asked questions Fractional lasers

Do fractional lasers use for wrinkles?

Sometime fractional lasers will be used to remove the wrinkles around lips and eyes.

Could Fractional lasers be used for scars and Acne scars?

Yes, fractional lasers would be a good choice for acne scars and scars.

Do I Need to avoid the Sunshine after a Functional Laser?

Yes, avoid the sun and use sunscreen regularly.

Should I use an Anaplastic after a fractional laser?

Yes, using a repairing cream on time is necessary.

How many fractional lasers should be performed?

Usually 2 to 3 sessions should be done. (At the discretion of your surgeon/doctor)


Frequently asked questions Laser hair removal

What is the name of the laser machine in the Blue Sky Clinic, and which country it is made in?

USS Alexandra Elite Plus device manufactured by Sinesashore.

How many sessions do I usually need?

Normally, 4 to 6 session would be needable.

What are the timeouts between the sessions?

Once in month or every 40 days.

What kind of skin and hair is suitable for the Blue Sky Clinic machine?

This laser can be adjusted for all types of skin.

What should have to be done before starting the laser?

The patient doesn’t have to use sunlight and solarium as the bronzing because the effect wouldn’t be vanished for 3 months.

What method of hair removal can be used between sessions?

Methods such as waxing and epilation should not be used.

What do I have to do after the laser?

After the laser, you will be given a prescription of anaplastic and if you have herpes, you will be given a prescription.

If you have done facial laser, be sure to apply sunscreen before leaving.


Frequently asked question eyelid surgery


 At what age is the eyelid surgery usually performed?

According to the patient’s condition, surgery will be performed, but usually after the age of 30.

Is eyelid surgery performed under anesthesia?

No, this is an outpatient procedure under local anesthesia.

Does the suture stay in place?

Due to good blood supply, the sutures in the eyelids are healed quickly and usually repaired after one month.

How many days after surgery do I need to go for stitches?

You will need to go to the clinic 10 days later to remove the sutures.

Does eyelid surgery also change the state of the eye?

Direct surgery does not affect the eye, but with the removing the sagging part on the eyelids, the eyes will appear larger.

Does Eyelid Surgery need to Avoid Food?

Low-salt foods should be used to reduce swelling.



Frequently asked questions fat injection


Which areas are suitable for fat injection?

Areas that have decreased fat as a result of aging, such as laughter, around the cheeks, etc., to prominent lips, cheeks, irregular facial shaving, jaw angle, chest and buttocks and back, scar filling or Instead of welds.

For how long the fat will last?

After injecting some of the initial volume due to anesthesia and swelling will be disappear and then the percentage of the fat injected would stay, the exact amount of fat injection which will stay is varies from person to person.

From what areas the fat can be taken?

In most cases the fat would be taken from the back of the thigh, but in certain cases it is also taken from the abdomen.

Can fat also be used to eliminate acnes scars?

Yes, fat can be used at the discretion of a specialist doctor for patients with recurrent acnes scar.

Are there any complications with fat injection?

Because the filling material (fat) is taken from the body itself, there is no possibility of allergies or allergies.

Are there any complications with fat injection?

Because the filling material (fat) is taken from the body itself, there is no possibility of allergies or allergies.

Is Fat Injection Under Anesthesia?

No This procedure is performed under local anesthesia.


Frequently asked questions gel injection


What should we do before injecting the gel?

Anesthesia cream can be applied to the head before the gel is injected.

How long will the gel injection last?

It usually takes between 10 and 20 minutes.

What areas of the face can gel to be injected?

Gel can be used for lips, laughter lines, under eyes, deep frown lines and jaw angles.

What kinds of gels are approved and safe?

Gels based on hyaluronic acid are approved by experts.

Are there any complications to gel injections?

No, if the injection is expertly validated with the gel it will have no side effects.